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About Pam

After moving to Morehead City and opening Pam's Specialized Catering, owner Pam Kaiser, used her talents and contacts to produce the Crystal Coast Bridal Fair.  Pam realized that brides would benefit from a show of this type and was inspired to create what has become the longest running wedding expo in eastern North Carolina.  2017 marks 25 year anniversary of the show, which provides brides with all of the latest trends and fashions for the upcoming wedding season.


Pam has made numerous television appearances, including annual cooking segments and interviews pertaining to the food industry as well as the wedding industry. Pam has taught cooking classes for adults and kids.  She has worked with "the Girls and Boys Club", SPEC and other chicldrens nets works for teaching classes for kids during summer break.  Pam has even taken time from her busy schedule to mentor students that show interest in the culinary arts, as well as providing internship opportunities for them.


We invite you to experience the pleasure of fine cuisine and unparalleded service offered by Pam's Specialized Catering. We tailor menus to suit all occasions.  Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, luncheon or private party, we will create a custom menu personalized to your individual needs.


While the majority of our work is in eastern North Carolina, we have catered events in the western part of the state as far as Winston-Salem and along the coastline from Virginia to South Carolina.

Our Business

Since going into business Pam has learned that to stay in touch with todays brides you must keep up with the latest trends in the catering industry.  This constant reinventing has kept our company relevant and viable.

Pam invites you to experience one of our cutting edge action stations. Our newest innovations include the beverage bar. Now a days "specialty drinks" is the hit along with Mirco bees.  Mixing our finest local ingredients along with your favorite beverage to create a drink that will only be availabe at your event.  Other bars include a Tapa Bar (on-site chef preparation) and multiple chef bars, as well as short plates.  Brides are really into the comfort food and offering old dishes with an updated fling to it, ie. shrimp and mac & cheese. You will find a delightful experience for your senses just around the corner. We view each event as a new and exciting opportunity.  Let us share our passion for creativity to initiate an astounding experience for you and your guests.

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since 1988​

Our Pledge

We at Pam's Specialized Catering have created a mission statement that sums up our goals and values.  We call it The PSC Promise and all of our employees agree to meet it.  So when you are planning your next event, let our experience and knowledge work for you.  More than 29 years of experience has taught me how to create a successful event byremoving much of the stress from you.  Pam's Specialized Catering is ready to fulfill your needs.

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